Optima MCX INT

OptimaINT and its MX2 and MCX micromotors guarantee perfect control of the tool, managing the speed, torque and reversal of the direction of rotation. Providing the ultimate speed and torque control, the Optima INT and DMX control units with Smart Logic technology are capable of exploiting to the fullest the outstanding capacities of the MX micromotors.

Thanks to its Easy-Nav philosophy, the Optima INT is incredibly intuitive and adapts to most dental chairs. It is ideal if you want to upgrade your pneumatic chair to bring it into the electronic age. Quite simply, it offers the best Swiss engineering. OptimaINT is particularly versatile.

This control unit offers pre-programmed modes for all the main restorative operations and for endodontics. A true all-in-one system, it also makes your life simpler: two contra-angle handpieces are sufficient to perform the vast majority of dentistry operations. This results in improved comfort as well as a time saving.

The OptimaINT interface has 10 preprogrammed sequences for endodontic operations and 10 sequences for restorative operations. You can perform your root treatments in complete safety. The OptimaINT has been designed to reduce the risk of NiTi instrument breakage to a minimum, by means of the auto-reverse function. Your distributor-installer is able to upgrade your electric or airpowered unit to brushless sensorless technology. This will allow you to combine a high-performance tool with your usual unit control.

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Optima MCX INT 1700636-001

The system

MCX LED Micromotor

An integral part of the OPTIMA system, the last generation MCX-LED motor features brushless technology for superlative performance in both high- and lowspeed procedures.



Micro-series. Welcome to a new dimension.

The MCX micromotor and Micro-Series contra-angle are no larger than a turbine. This reduction in size ensures perfect balance by greatly reducing the effort required to hold the handpiece. Ensuring less fatigue at the end of the day.



Bien-Air CA 1:1 L and 1:5 L Micro-Series

Bien-Air CA 1:1 L and 1:5 L Micro-Series contra-angles are perfect for all high and low speed procedures. Vibrations and noise are cut in half while providing the additional benefit of constant speed.


Technical Data

Optima MCX INT Integrated Restorative Motor Package
Endo "continuous" (auto-reverse & auto-forward)--
Motor compatibility MCX LED (up to 2 motors)-
User interfaceLCD display with preprogrammed procedures-
Reference Optima MCX INT 1700636-001 Integrated Restorative Motor Package 1700636-001 + 1600940-001 + 1600940-001
Optima MCX INT
Endo "continuous" (auto-reverse & auto-forward) -
Motor compatibility MCX LED (up to 2 motors)
User interface LCD display with preprogrammed procedures
Reference Optima MCX INT 1700636-001
Integrated Restorative Motor Package
Reference Integrated Restorative Motor Package 1700636-001 + 1600940-001 + 1600940-001