It was time for a little Summer Party!

It was time for a little Summer Party!

We recently held our company summer party, and what a success!

This year, it took us to the picturesque Kapuzinerkloster in Solothurn.

The evening started with a tasty aperitif, setting the tone for the rest of the event.

This event was a unique blend of delicious street-style food, excellent company, and great music, making it a perfect celebration of Summer (which, unfortunately, has yet to arriveā€¦).

And this year was particular.

Our worldwide entities, who were already here for the Bien-Air global sales meeting, had the opportunity to join us, adding an international flair to the festivities. It's not often that people from all over the world get together, but that's what made this event even better and even more special!

With the success of this year's party still fresh in our minds, the anticipation for the next one is already building!

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