Pure Simplicity

Simplicity: the cornerstone of the new implantology motor developed by Bien-Air Dental. We do not need to calibrate our motor: the MX-i motor & 20:1 contra-angle have been validated to remain extremely accurate over a 1600 Sterilization-cycle life.


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Dr Eric Excoffier
Oral Surgeon, Paris

"I would say that its main advantage is the simplicity, the easy setup and use. This makes it a very efficient tool."

Dr Hélène Arnal
Oral Surgeon, Paris

"I placed implants with the ProImplant and everything went well. I have no objections and complaints because this device is exactly what I need. I am fully satisfied and the ProImplant is much better than all the other units I currently own."

Dr Raffaele Vinci
Scientific Consultant, Milano

"The ProImplant is compact, light and easy to use. With a powerful torque and a comfortable handpiece, the ProImplant also provides a very good lighting on the surgical field. You learn how to use this device quickly and smoothly."

Dr Juan Pedro Mazón
Implantologist and Oral Surgeon, Valencia

"I perform oral surgery procedures and place implants every day and for this I need a motor that is simple to use and that adapts to the different clinical situations. I need a device which is robust without compromising hygiene and sterilization standards and this product has satisfied all my needs."

Dr Michele Manacorda
Implantologist & Prosthodontist, Milano

"The handpiece is extremely comfortable and ergonomic, while the surgical drill is very responsive. Looking at the ProImplant, you see a compact machine which you don't expect to be as powerful. It is innovative and effective for modern implantology. Great performance, easy set up and control. Furthermore, it is ideal to carry around thanks to its lightness and perfect designed for a quick sterilization."

Dr Jose Espona
Implantologist specialized in Aesthetic Dentistry, Barcelone

"With the new console the display has been simplified a lot. It is very intuitive and allows you to perform surgeries with great comfort. Its high torque allows placing implants in immediate loading scenarios with great precision and stability."

Dr Frank Maier
Periodontologist and Implantologist, Stuttgart

"The device is very compact, handy and hygienic. Control via the foot control is possible without having to touch the device."

What the experts say

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Dr. Kielhorn
Dr. Maier

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Frequentely asked questions

What is the maximum torque of my ProImplant?

ProImplant : 70 Ncm
OMS : 80 Ncm

How can I save my surgical data?

Your data and torque values will remain visible on the device display after you stop the motor.
This enables you to document and copy the data into your patient files.

When and how do I have to calibrate my device?

Your ProImplant does not need any calibration, because of the minimized lost in torque transmission (+/-5%), which makes the device potentially the most precise on the market

Can I replace my control knob?

Yes. You can easily replace and sterilize your knob. To order a new control knob please contact your local Bien-Air sales point. The reference number is REF 1307031-001.